Monday, February 28, 2011


write something for my letter
before i let this away
cant telling the truth by speaking to the person but i write something
for my self
when i gone. hope someone can read it
and all the secret will reveal.

all my feeling, i write
loving someone, hating someone, caring someone
all i wrote on that letter.
for those who noe me.
they will noe wut they should do.
i noe i nopt prefect for anybody
i have no luck compare to you.
you all so much good than me.

i cant be your lover
i cant be your heartbeat
i cant be your close friend
i cant be your ear
i cant be your eyes.

all i hear almost a lie.
thank you..

end of February.

opening march will be more tougher than i could imagine
i cant hold anybody hand to wake up.
the gas so heavy, i cant breath..!!~
wut should i do?

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