Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meaning of song from Jason Mraz - Im Yours

today i googling
then i find something about the song title IM YOURS - jason mraz

" This song is so intentional.
To me, the message is as clear as day.
Stop caring so much.
He's been spending too long making sure he looks perfect, to please everyone else.
And there is still something wrong, so he does whatever he can to try and see whats wrong with him.
And then his reflection gets blurry, and he forgets where he began.
So he starts over again, and is finally able to enjoy who he truly is. So just stop working on your appearance so much and go with the flow, because the only opinion that matters in your life should be your own, and you can never truly change who you are. "Our name is our virtue". " -AlisonEm-

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