Monday, August 16, 2010


saje kat cni nak letak gmbar2 yang d snap tyme
bosan.. hahahha..

stacy dan aizat turun perlis..
suprise gile

pastu.. gerak WCG 2010. stu gmbr jer ade yg d bwh ni

model wcg2010. winner from where.. idk la

go to PC FAIR at KLCC convension center.
looking for my friend gears at razer booth. heheh

and last my roomate and me. candid when we are like fool
go to flat ikan in sunday night. do not noe the gate closed the whole day.
such a newbie to UPM.


encik BANGLA said...

pesal ak xnmpak ko pon kat pikom? ak keje kot aritu kat situ...

TuN-eJaM said...

ko keje kat booth mne??