Sunday, August 1, 2010

just having a good day with my friend

i got a phone call and also text from
ahmad faisal who is my friend when i at Perlis.
he asking me to hang out with him.
so yesterday about 12 o'clock were that day.
we go to mid valley.
he brought his friends also.
i alone. so it quiet difficult to me to approach his friends.
but they fine.
we watched PREDATOR.
nice movie. but that movie had alot of damn word.
so, little kids do not recommend to watch that movie.

after watched the movie, we go "pusing-pusing" around mid valley.
for village boy like me..hahhaha.

mean while, pecal and me had some bisness that need to be done..
secret for sure.

so finally, i went a shop.
i found a sweater. nice sweater.
and i buy it.. hahaha..

so. that all..

after this, pecal and me planing to have some happy day with our friends
do not know when.
but it day will come for sure.


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