Saturday, June 19, 2010


just say it it does not in my head anymore


first of all. 4th july i will away from my parent again. for continue my further study
at university. it hard for me coz this will be a true challenge to me. as u know before this i study at matriculation. but it not same study at university. it tough. and i hope i can face it..!!~

second. why my brain still have negative thinking. from past of coz. if i can forget about it. it will be so graceful. i dont want to remember it coz it so pain n make me sick from inner side of me. LIAO.

it doesnt matter about me after all. it about life.

hoping that i will be like old time.


sweet said...

congrats...gudluck okey...^_^

TuN-eJaM said...

ye ..tq