Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finished Watching KicK-Ass

SALaM if i have viewer
urm.. i hope so,

so finished watching this mubie at my own home theater. hikhikhik
from ordinary guy with no power then turns popular superhero just
because while his fight with 3 guys
he could win and other peoples record his move. LOLX
he also can have love. hahaha..
like in spederman. girl find hero
but in this muvie
hero find his girl.
songsang.. hahahaha
he sure can win because he dont have any nerve.
he got stab in his first move to be
a hero.
LOLx. hahaha
neway !!!~

her move.clever girl. LOLx
love her.. hikhik

for me.. i give this mubie
3 stars from 5..^Y^
nice cgi+ action+comedy

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